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RSM TechSolution for Lexmark:

RSM TechSolution is a multinational corporation specializing in Internet & Computer-related services and products. These include search, cloud computing, software development, website development and technical support. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible for Lexmark printers. Our expert support team provides support for the following technical Issue:

  • System compatibility assessment and installing divers
  • Keep the drivers updated with latest database
  • Fix printer errors or issues caused due to faulty configuration
  • Remove e-threats manually or automatically using effective tool
  • Configure security settings with network for wireless setting
  • Configure security settings for printer
  • Printer is Offline
  • Unable to communicate with devices
  • Drivers installation error
  • Unable to make default printer


About Lexmark:

The Lexmark brand means quality and reliability with every printed page. Genuine Lexmark supplies are the best option when you value your image. Lexmark is actively checking domestic and global markets for manufacturers and sellers whose activities undermine our reputation with counterfeit, grey market or other products that don\ pass the Genuine Lexmark test. Manufacturers and sellers of trademark-infringing counterfeit cartridges and patent-infringing clone/compatible cartridges damage our brand by selling inferior products. Simply put, if you want the very best for your printer, use only the. Genuine Lexmark supplies intended for your specific geographical region.

Check to Protect

Lexmark’s Brand Protection Efforts

Protecting the Lexmark Brand against counterfeit and grey market activity is very important. Lexmark is taking action against counterfeiters worldwide, checking domestic and global markets for manufacturers and sellers of trademark-infringing counterfeit cartridges and patent-infringing clone/compatible cartridges.


1) Price

If you think the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Be familiar with market prices for Genuine Lexmark cartridges before making a purchase.

2) Point of Purchase

Make sure you buy products only from Lexmark or an authorized reseller or distributor. Be wary of international trade and auction web sites offering Lexmark cartridges.

3) Packaging

Packaging that appears to have been tampered with, re-taped, resealed or looks reused may not be a Genuine Lexmark product.

4) Colour Shifting Labels

Lexmark uses colour shifting security labels on most of its printer supplies packaging to help you identify Genuine Lexmark products.

5) Identify Genuine Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Lexmark is dedicated to ensuring that its customers are purchasing and using genuine Lexmark supplies. By entering the 7 or 10 digit serial number found on the ink tank or ink tank packaging in the window below, the authenticity of the cartridge can be verified. The serial number can be found on the outer box, the foil bag and the ink tank. Click the link below for assistance in locating these numbers.

Lexmark ID App for Your Smartphone

Ensure the inkjet supplies you are purchasing are genuine Lexmark supply items. Serial numbers and 2D barcodes are being added to inkjet supplies — on the retail carton, foil bag and the cartridge. Scan the 2D Data Matrix code on the side of the box and get notified instantly regarding its status.



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