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Our technicians can quickly and readily diagnose and repair computer errors through an online remote connection. They can also run a scan on a PC for the detection of viruses, Trojans, and other malicious threats.

If you’re looking for reliable computer technical support services, UK computer experts RSM TechSolution are here to help.The Tech support services provided by RSM TechSolution range from the setup and installation of computers to virus removal and the optimization of system speed. Our certified technicians help customers to set up and install an operating system and configure its settings. We also offer assistance to set up peripherals such as scanners, routers, printers, etc. with computers.

RSM TechSolution Expert Team has years of experience working with all electronics, from computers to home entertainment, so there is no problem that we can’t solve. No matter what IT Device is plaguing you, you can count on us to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your problem, and solutions to get you back on track.

RMS TechSolution offers 24/7 computer tech support, 365 days a year. So no matter what time you need help with your computer, technical support is on their way. Even when you have a computer problem outside business hours, RSM TechSolution emergency tech support is ready to help you at any time of the day.

Scope of Service:

The services provided may be listed as:

• Setup and installation of computers and peripherals

• Fix errors pertaining to computers and software applications

• Secure a PC by using security software

• Update a computer’s drivers and software to ensure efficient system performance

• Speed up and optimization of PCs and the connected digital devices

• Support for devices connected to a computer such as printers, scanners, routers, etc.

• Providing complete software solutions from development to its working.

• Reset Email password and Online security for emails.